Bielsko Biala Castle!

If you see this Bielsko-Biala castle then you know you're on the western side of town. You'll have to cross the river to find Vagina. There's an underground pedestrian tunnel you can take to cross the intersection. Then take a left to get to 11 Listopada. It's for pedestrians and leads right up to Liberty Square.

To be honest, I don't know much about the Bielsko Biala castle. I've never been inside. There's a museum in it or something but I don't know what else. I do know that they use floodlamps to light it up at night, which makes the bielsko biala castle look pretty cool. Especially when you turn left onto Partyzantów (Partisans Street). Margo drives a Subaru and she always revs the engine hard after completing the turn. If I'm sitting in the passenger seat I start to feel bad-ass. Margo likes to drive fast. In seconds we're passing the Polish Theatre on the left (which is across the street from the bielsko biala castle) and the round Viennese-type Post Office building which makes me think we've just robbed one if not two or three of the billions of banks that fester in downtown bielsko.

The bielsko biała castle is probably the only building in its vicinity that isn't either a bank or a loan agency or a government building. I guess the Polish theatre isn't a government building but it certainly has a nationalistic name. The bielsko biala castle is the only thing in the neighborhood that I associate purely with local culture, which is nice. I like stuff that represents native Bielsko and the bielsko biala castle is high up on that list. Make sure you visit the bielsko biala castle during your stay. Vagina is only a short walk to the east.

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