Bielsko Biala English!

WORD, Bielsko's English-language traveler's club meets at the Vagina. Email me, bro.

If you're coming to teach Bielsko Biala english, or if you speak english and you just happen to be passing through, thanks for coming. I hope you stay for a while. If you're looking for a little english language contact, drop by a meeting of WORD, the Bielko Biala english language travelers club. One of the members was just in Italy. One was at Niagara Falls earlier this year. One traveled to Spain about a year ago. One was in France. One was in Switzerland. One was in the Netherlands. One in Belgium. One in Austria. One was even in Croatia. And that's just me.

I've been hosting the best Bielsko Biala english language workshops right inside the cafe - if I do say so myself. Maybe you're interested in learning more about my angle. I'd like to expand the bielsko biala english workshops into something even bigger and better but that depends on whether or not for the people of Bielsko Biala engish is a priority. I suspect that for the people of Bielsko Biala english has become a bit of drag. I always hated schools for being bad performers. The schools and the parts within them that taught language were always the worst foir me. My suspicion is that for Bielsko Biala english language schools have become very frustrating. I don't want to turn you off if you are in fact coming to teach Bielsko Biala english because Bielsko is a beautiful place to do anything. I'm just letting you know how I feel about something that's important to me. I want a Bielsko Biala english language industry that works for everybody. There's a lot of people in Bielsko who want to learn english and who I think are being left behind. I'd like to change that.

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