Bielsko Biała Vienna Bite-sized!

Walking around downtown Bielsko-Biala Vienna always comes to mind.

Bielsko Biała Vienna. How are the two connected? Whereas in Poland you'll find Bielsko Biała Vienna is in Austria. You can probably blame it on the Austrian empire. Back in the 18th century the Austrians cooperated in a land grab with the Prussians and the Russians. They took apart Poland piece by piece. For the people of Bielsko Biała Vienna became their capital. For Bielsko Biała Vienna became lord and master. Of course the towns were separate back then but that's not consequential. It was all Austria and the Austrians left their mark. Austrians built their towns a certain way and for Bielsko Biała Vienna became a model. I like the look of it. Vienna is a good-looking town and despite the imperialism behind it, I can appreciate the fact that Bielsko Biała got a little flavor out of the deal.

From Bielsko Biała Vienna is only about three hours away by car. I know. I've driven it. So if you like triangle-shaped buildings and round facades both big and small, you can get an international selection all in one day.

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