Your Bielsko Biala Visit!

A Bielsko-Biala visit is not complete without a walk down November 11th Street, in Polish, "Ulica Jedenastego Listopada." Vagina is at the eastern end!

If you stay with Vagina during your Bielsko Biala trip, spice up your free time with a visit to the Vagina Cafe coffee club, and not just because guests at Vagina receive a 10% discount. They have good wine and good vegeterian food, not to mention good coffee. If you have any questions during your bielsko biala visit, the folks at Vagina will help. They'll tell you about coming events, cultural festivities and all the places really worth visiting, because honestly, I'm still learning my way around town. As Margo says, for us nothing is impossible. I like to think that someday that pronoun will include me. Margo, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of fulfilling your travel dreams, which, if you're anything like me usually involve minimizing stress and maximizing value and comfort. If that's your dream for your Bielsko Biala visit, Vagina will do the job.

 Margo likes "komplety," which translates into english very poorly as "sets." I prefer the term, "completies," although it sounds childish. The next best thing of course is "consummations," but that has a slightly different kind of subtext, one which I should probably avoid in order not to upset decent folks. The point is, at Vagina things are done to perfection. Make your Bielsko Biala visit one of those things. Consummate your Bielsko Biala visit with Vagina.

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