Visit Auschwitz from Krakow!

Try to visit Auschwitz from Krakow and by the time you're done visiting that awful memorial you'll be completely pooped. Auschwitz is at least 65 kilometers away from Krakow and that's by country roads. If you try to visit Auschwitz from Krakow by freeway make sure they haven't started operating the toll booths west of the city. You'll have to wade through a sea of backed up tractor-trailers...twice. There are two toll booths in quick succession and you'll have to stop both ways both times. If you're anything like me you don't like to waste your time. You want to make the most of your trip. If you're going to visit Auschwitz from Krakow it's worth considering a little stopover in beautiful Bielsko. There's nothing like a little time in the mountains to remember what life is all about. Visit Auschwitz from Krakow to honor the sacrifice of those brave men and women who died or starved or lost faith in humanity. Then come to Bielsko and see how that humanity continues to struggle with itself and with all life on earth. There are many victories and many failures in Bielsko. Particularly in the field of business.

Visit Auschwitz from Krakow and then come show me where the hell the Bielsko ghetto was because I can't seem to find any trace of it. I'm a student of history and both Margo and I greatly appreciate anyone who can teach us something new. I wonder if the Vagina Cafe couldn't provide a car service for guests who visit Auschwitz from Krakow and need a way to make it down to our mountain haven. I'll have to look into that. Visit Auschwitz from Krakow and give Margo a call. As she likes to say, she'll try to fulfill your travel dreams.

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